Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I think it will work this time

Here I go again!

Why I think it will work:
1. I have two accountability buddies - one for weight loss and one for exercising every day. I log in my weight once a week and if I "outlose" my partner by May - I get $20. I also have a friend on Facebook that we are both going for 365 days of exercise in 2013. We call it #365for365 and it is a great motivation. I don't want to let her down. I am already 7 for 7.

2. I am only focusing on three things: 1. Exercise every day. 2. Log my food every day. 3. Wear my fitbit every day. I can do this. This is easy.

3. I naturally realized that carbs are not big of a part of my life. I don't eat a lot of bread, cereal or pasta. I don't generally eat dessert so just avoiding the office candy jar is all I have to do to be sugar free and gluten free.

4. I have an incredibly supportive husband who gets me up for the gym every morning.

5. I am starting while we have our share with the farm so a ton of  veggies end up at our house every other week and need to be consumed.

6. I visualize my inner skinny girl. I do a daily affirmation that I am getting skinnier every day. I view each exercise as digging out a shovel of dirt to get closer to that girl.

I'm ready.