Monday, April 8, 2013

1st Quarter 2013

So it has been three months since I committed to work out every day and log my calories every day. I am close to losing 20 pounds so far. I have had moments of pure joy fitting into pants a size smaller.  The key has been figuring out my Basal Metabolic Rate so I am eating the proper amount of calories. My Fitness Pal recommended I eat 1698 calories to lose 2 pounds a week, my BMR currently is 2000 calories. The theory is that I have to end up with 2,000 calories at the end of the day so I eat back my exercise calories. I still go over. Turns out my default is about 3,000 calories, but by taking off the pressure of eating perfectly - I am doing much better. 

Yesterday I was looking at pictures from 2005. I was 20 pounds over my goal weight and about 60 pounds less than I am now. I can't believe I thought I was fat then. I was HOT! I am really looking forward at getting back to that weight.  A big motivation is being the weight I was when I met my husband by our 5th anniversary  May 2014. That will be a 85 pound weight loss over 17 months or about 1.25 pounds per week. 

I still feel strong and that I can do this. Working out is a natural part of my life now. Cutting out sugar is pretty easy to do when I am thoughtful about it. It's still one day at a time. Every day. One day at a time. 

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