Monday, July 15, 2013

A lull

This June and July have been rough for me. I haven't been focused. I have not kept to the calorie targets. I've been gaining the losing the same 2 pounds for the last 8 weeks. There was no visible difference in my June pics to my July pics. Last week, I was sad. I was in a funk. It was mostly hormonal but still felt very very real. This week I need to break this stalemate and get back into the groove. I feel better when I eat less calories and more high quality foods. I have to remember that in the moments when I want to find comfort in a bag of candy, an extra cocktail or a another handful of salami. 

I can do this. I already dropped 30 lbs. I can do this. I am worth this. I am getting skinnier and stronger every day. I have worked out 194 days in a row and I will make it to New Year's Eve on that streak. I have a great support and accountability system. And it's okay to take a break from tracking every calorie. I am in this for long haul. I need to make this happen. 

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